Founder and Lead Counselor, Michael Shaldone

Michael Shaldone has over 5,000 hours in addiction counseling and is a Certified AOD counselor.  Using mindfulness, nature, nutrition, yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy as healing modalities, he teaches these in recovery from personal experience: 

“We can all be addicted in some way to something.  Perhaps it’s chemicals. Perhaps it’s behaviors.  Perhaps it’s judgements, resentments and lack of tolerance.  Diving deep into self-love and acceptance provides freedom from this bondage.  In the past, I considered myself a victim, which denied me the ability to see the blessings of my circumstances.  Fully surrendering, healing myself through these modalities and ascending into new understanding has allowed me to pursue my purpose, my dharma.” 

Michael is extremely passionate and selfless in his mission to be the catalyst to help others change their lives.

Education / Licenses:

  • Certified Alcohol and other Drug Counselor (CADCI) through California Consortium of Addiction Professionals and Programs (CCAPP)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hours through Yoga Shala, Sacramento, CA

  • Attended University of the Pacific and graduated from California State University at Sacramento with BS in Business Operations Management and Strategic Management.


  • Cognitive Behavior Intervention Therapy at Folsom State Prison (for Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Criminal Thinking and Family Relations)

  • Methadone Treatment Program for Opioid Addiciton

  • Yoga & Anxiety workshops through Yoga Shala, Sacramento, CA & Classy Hippie Tea Co,  Sacramento, CA

Personal Philosophies & Family:

  • Father of three amazing and independent children living across the United States and serving others in their own way.

  • Compassion is a learned trait & self-love is a lifelong pursuit. 

  • Staying present is key to seeking spiritual growth and maintaining mental health.

  • Be humble and look for ways to serve other people.  Volunteerism is crucial for all of our communities and others in need.  Give without the expectation of a return.

  • The natural state of the universe is cooperative and positive.

  • Love requires trust and vulnerability.  Our interactions with one other person can and does change the Universe.

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