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Our goal at every session is to the following three steps of Surrender, Heal, Ascend.  Initial consultations are generally complimentary and conducted by phone.  Please contact us!  

Phoenix Wellness Model of Surrender, Heal, Ascend

“Addiction is not the problem.  Addiction is an attempt to solve the problem.”  - Dr. Gabor Mate

Our focus is a 3-step process whether you are with us for one session or one year:


  • Surrender:    Step 1 - will focus on honest self-assessments, education and demystifying                                                           ego attachments.

  • Heal:              Step 2 - will focus on rebuilding the mind, body and spirit by taking your “M.E.D.S.”.                                     Daily practices of Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Sleep will be emphasized.

  • Ascend:         Step 3 - will promote the concepts of self-love, compassion and giving.

We seek to discover, not “Why the addiction?”, but “Why the pain?”  And then to address that pain through time tested modalities for healing and a more permanent solution to addiction...compassion, joy and self-love.

Coaching offered through various packages!

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